woensdag 20 april 2011

About me

My name is Johan Caneel and I live right in the centre of Holland in the village of Tiel. Tiel is surrounded by the big rivers Waal, Maas and Rhine and is an excellent starting point for my fishing exploits. I’ve been around for some time now and fishing is a part of my life now without which I can do no more. What grabbed me in my childhood never went away although the points of interest shifted somewhat. From the small coarse fish of my youth I now prefer fishing for predatory fish.

The benefit of being around for so long is that I now know my way within the fishing community of Holland very well and I also have the necessary contacts to fish anywhere in Holland. And abroad on occasion. I’ve been chasing predatory fish in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, England, Ireland and Canada.

For fishing the nearby rivers, canals and gravelpits I use my aluminum Tomasco fishing boat and a belly boat.

Besides fishing I’m fascinated by photography and fishing books. The latter resulting in several filled meters of bookshelves now.

The total experience of being outdoors, seeing and experiencing everything around me is what makes fishing the ultimate activity for me. I always like to share this experience with others.