woensdag 20 april 2011

Fishing and guiding from the boat

We go fishing for one ore even more days and will select the waters in accordance with your preferences. The time of year, circumstances of water (fast running or not) and weather all are part of the equation.

It's a strong combination with the Tomasco fishingboat , this Subaru Forester AWD 

We’ll use a Tomasco 4,65 meter Pike fighter equipped with a 50 HP outboard and a Minn Kota Ulterra 80lbs. The boat is outfitted with several fish finders and rod holders and 3 fishing chairs. In this way I can accommodate two guests at the same time. The chairs can be easily dismantled to provide a casting-platform.

In colder weather good clothing is a must of course. If necessary I can provide some but of course I will not have all sizes at hand. So bring your own if you have it handy.

How we fish is also what you prefer. We can go trolling, we can do vertical jigging or we can cast. I might give some advice on what is best given the reigning circumstances (weather and water). I will advise you on the tackle to be used so you can bring it with you or you can use my tackle and lures for free. Different ways of fishing need different tackle. A small almost weightless lure needs another rod and line than a foot long piece of plastic for instance. For trolling we also need other tackle than for vertical jigging.