woensdag 20 april 2011

For whom?

Fishing is of all ages! 

For children fishing is very relaxing as well as exciting and educational. Often all is still new to them and fishing is something they can do and share with others. Under guidance they can also learn how to handle fish and tackle well. Something that might benefit them in further life. And of course they’ll be initiated in the wonders of underwater life and possibly the thrill of a strike.

Also for adults who want to put some distance between themselves and the ‘slings and arrows’ of daily life. Or who have already found fishing to be the hobby of their choice. To relax on the water, have good conversation, have a mutual interest and possibly a listening ear with no strings attached.

And for the elderly who want to absorb the quit and spent their leisure time it is quite relaxing as well. For those who are about to retire and want to pick up something new, fishing is something which is not cost-prohibitive, which you can do across the street or anywhere else if you wish. Also for those who who want to revive an old hobby and have to get familiar again with new tackle, tactics and the do’s and don’ts around fishing.