woensdag 20 april 2011

General conditions

The following conditions are applicable.
  1. You are in possession of a valid license (I can help you get one) 
  2. You’ll respect Dutch law regarding fishing. I’ll bring them to your attention respectfully if you’re not familiar with them 
  3. To fish from a boat you have to be able to swim. 
  4. Your guide can cancel the fishingtrip unilaterally and shall inform you likewise. 
  5. If the weather prohibits good and comfortable fishing we can agree on another date. 
  6. You board under your own risk, so make sure your (holiday)insurance covers any mishaps. 
  7. Payment is in advance. You might pay beforehand into my account or on the day itself in cash. 
  8. You are liable for any damages caused by you on boat or tackle. Check your insurance please.