woensdag 20 april 2011

How and where?

My guidingacitivities usually take place within a radius of 30 kilometers in and around Tiel. There is a lot of water within that area and not only rivers. We also have polders, still-waters and lakes at hand where we can fish the way we would like. We use the aluminum Tomasco Pike Fighter 465 fishing boat, that is very well equipped.

So you decided to go fishing and then what? Maybe it’s a one-off for you or maybe you don’t know what to invest in tackle and what kind of tackle for your preferred kind of fishing.
Entering a tackle-shop without knowing what you need is bewildering to say the least. So in this case it’s also wise to hire a guide to get to know your preferences and to collect some inside know-how on what to buy or not. If you’ve decided fishing is definitely your cup of tea of course.