woensdag 20 april 2011

Prices, general and tailor-made


Because of an increase of the VAT in 2019 prices will be:

A day fishing from a boat for at least 6 hours costs € 175,= for one person
For 2 persons the costs are € 225,=
Parent and child till 14 years old, cost € 185,=
Two parens and child till 14 years old € 250,=

Fee includes:
  • Use of rods and reels if you did not bring your own 
  • Use of lures, again if you did not bring your own lures * 
  • Costs for the boatramp 
  • Fuelcosts 
  • A number of digital pictures 
Excluded are:
  • Beverages/lunch (for an additional € 15,00 person/day I’ll take care of that) 
  • Clothing 
  • Licenses 

* When lures are lost I’ll have to add costs for replacement (around €2.50 for little shads up to €15 for big lures). Of course we have a luresaver on board, but sometimes even that trick fails to reclaim a lost lure.

  • We’ll agree on the location where we meet beforehand under consideration of the place where you stay and the means of transportation that are available to you. 
  • Things I forgot to mention above can always be arranged between us to ensure that you’ll get exactly what you want. Give me a call and state you wishes please.